J. R. (Bob) Hahn, whose gallery is in Pueblo, Colorado, produces wood sculptures which are made from a variety of woods, including cedar, bristlecone pine, coco bolo, redwood, ebony, elm, walnut, basswood, and koa, among others. Styles vary from wildlife sculptures to figurative wood sculptures to contemporary, and are finished in a number of ways, depending on the wood itself. The wood carvings/wood sculptures vary in size as well, from smaller animals and people to a life size baby giraffe to a totem over 6 feet tall. Every Piece is unique, one of a kind, and posesses the artist's vision of the creature residing in the wood sculpture. Enjoy!

Wood Sculpture NEWS:
Checkout the blog we have created! We created this blog to let you know, the customer a little bit more about our wood sculptures and wood carvings. Stop by and leave us a comment about one of our wood sculputures or wood carvings or drop us a link so we can see some other wood sculptures and carvings.

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